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This labradorite, which shimmers blue, green and yellow in the sunlight, was cut by me into the shape of a three-sided prism with a slightly convex front. The setting for this gemstone consists of 5 parts. In contrast to the gemstone, pink "Chakte Kok". Three parts of "Grenadill", black as night, provide a stable structure. The back is made of tough "cocobolo" which is not only comfortable on the skin, but also has a beautiful grain in its deep dark brown. A thin layer of "carnauba wax" protects the wood from moisture and maintains its shine. The eyelet is made of stainless steel. A magnetic clasp on the ends of the leather strap makes it easy for the wearer to put the piece of jewelry on and off.

Anhänger Labradorit Chak De Cok Handgemacht von Bernhard Horny

A ring made of "Golden Madrone", a beautiful wood that shimmers golden in the sunlight. For reasons of stability I have enclosed it in anthracite-colored metal. The ~ 3mm large, faceted tourmaline was securely attached to the ring using a donut setting. The wood was coated with a layer of "carnauba wax" to keep its shine. It is part of a collection of rings that I made in summer 2020. Since the ring size varies from person to person, rings that are ordered from us are made to match the customer's needs. The grain of the wood differs from ring to ring, but we only use the best wood quality and make sure that the pattern matches the workpiece as closely as possible! The desired number of facets in the stone is also up to the customer.

Ring Turmalin Golden Madrone

A round cut agate geode, in juniper. It was not easy to bring this gemstone into this shape in spite of its druse in the manner of cabochon cutting. Not only because the individual layers of the agate are of different hardness, but also because the "hole" makes the stone fragile. Therefore I had to put a lot of tenderness into the processing. To match the stone, I made a protective ring from juniper. It was a birthday present for a good friend, unfortunately almost impossible to reproduce due to the unusual grain of wood and stone.

Ein Anhänger aus einem Achat und Wacholder

Helvetica Light is a font that is easy to read with long and thin letters and goes well with any website.

"A" fountain pen, or should I say "my" fountain pen? You don't always want to type on the computer, at the latest for the signature you still need a "manual" writing tool. And why should you be satisfied with cheap plastic when you can make writing a pleasure with a nib made of the finest Thuja burl?

Handgemachte Füllfeder aus Thuja Maser für den Gentleman

Why smoke cigarettes out of the pack when you can light up a pipe with relish? A pipe bowl made of briar, the root of the tree shark, gives the smoke a sweet, woody smell. Holm oak makes a sturdy center piece, adorned with a dentriet opal from the Waldviertel. Snakewood is rock hard, and makes a good wood for the mouthpiece, especially for everyone who likes to nibble on their pipe;)

Handgemachte Pfeife aus Holz besetzt mit Edelsteinen

I found this old reading lamp in my attic. Unfortunately, the foot could no longer be found. So I made a new one out of a piece of tree sheath and acacia. Because you don't always have to buy something new if you can artistically create something new and unique from the old.

Handgemachte Leselampe aus Holz

When climbing and bouldering in the higher degrees of difficulty, the holds become smaller and more difficult to hold. This requires enormous finger strength, which can best be trained with the help of a hangboard. While plastic is not really comfortable to hold, you hardly want to let go of this handmade board made of acacia wood. The grip surfaces were deliberately roughened for an ideal hold. The surface was polished and treated with linseed oil. A decorative tiger's eye in the middle gives everyone who believes in it the strength and endurance of a tiger. ;)

Handgemachtes Hängboard aus Holz mit Edelstein Verzierung
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