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Machining method "Bernhard's cut"

Ein facettierter Saphir
Faceted sapphire

Cutting gemstones is the most important technique for bringing them into shape, enhancing their brilliance and better highlighting the optical effects that reside within them. For translucent stones, facet cutting has proven to be particularly effective, as it enables gemstones to

reflect incoming light, refract it and split it into many colours. In order to optimally

and to achieve a fire effect, a very precise and sophisticated cut is required.

The angular ratio and the arrangement of the individual facets are decisive here.

Ring mit facettiertem Opal
Processed opal

Since the choice and quality of the cut are decisive for the later value of the gemstone, the skill of the gemstone cutter is evident here. To bring out the best in my rings

rings and to give them a unique design, I have invented an extra cut for them - I call it the "cut".

I call it the "Bernhard cut". It is based on the ring-of-fire cut,

but I have slightly altered the angles and cut the underside of the stone to match the bore

in the wood. For the underside I used a 20° angle and cut the stone rough and conical.

conical shape. For the top side, on the other hand, I designed a step cut with 64 facets. The angles here are 15°, 35°, 60° and 85°. Through this unique design, the gemstone cut harmonises perfectly with the wooden ring and creates an unforgettable eye-catcher.

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