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Pendant chrome chalcedony grenadilla

Pendant chrome chalcedony grenadilla

SKU: 22A28036
€300.00 Regular Price
€250.00Sale Price

A round-cut chrome chalcedony, set off-centre in a disc of grenadilla wood. 

The stone is held in place by three brass pins. 

The eyelet made of gold-plated stainless steel is robust and beautiful at the same time.

At your request, I will adjust the length of the black leather strap. 

A magnetic clasp makes it easy to put on the pendant.


The esoteric designates the  Chrome chalcedony as a stone of joie de vivre. He can help very well with grief or discontent


Size: 44x44x7mm (1.7x1.7x0.3 inch)

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