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About me

Bernhard Horny beim Skizzen zeichnen, in der Erfinderwerkstatt, fotografiert von Roberto Ciubotaru

My name is Bernhard Horny, I am the founder and primary workforce of the inventor's workshop (Erfinderwerkstatt). I live in Vienna but I've always been drawn to the countryside.


Currently my parents garden shed serves as my company headquarters. In addition to my independent work, I try to find more time to make it a bit more homely.


The shop is currently only an online shop. Anyone who wants to meet me may please request it by email or phone.

I've had a facination for working with wood and stone from a very young age. Since I've been given the opportunity to visit my fathers workshop from a very young age, I have aquired a lot of knowledge working with a large number of machines. 


 I still enjoy working on ideas with my father, but in recent years I have followed my own style more and more.

Especially since we started to cut gemstones, it was possible to develop myself further from the conventional way of making wooden jewelry.


And so I was asked more and more often by friends and acquaintances that I should bring this jewelry to the market.


I felt moved my the notion.

 However, the work that went with it seemed so overwhelming at first, that it wasn't worth the potentially very small profit.

Bernhard Horny schleift Boulderopal in der Erfinderwerkstatt, fotografiert von Roberto Ciubotaru

But the desire to pursue my dream and life goals is not only worth the work to me, but also the possible life in poverty.


One month before the grand opening, I still don't know whether my venture will be fruitful, but I am more confident than a year ago and I am working on other projects with great enthusiasm.

Creatives Flex Schleif Funken Bild von Roberto Chibatoru

Working with wood is exciting. Every crack, the grain, the scent as well as the whole process of shaping is ever evolving! Almost as if you could watch the tree grow.


In contrast to woodworking, the tedious work of grinding and polishing a lifeless stone. It is a process in which one falls into the purest meditation.


I don't mind that I sometimes spend days tinkering around in the workshop without company. It gives me time to reflect on myself and to continue my thoughts and plans.


Every order helps me to continue living my dream and I thank everyone who supports me!

It is my wish to not only to be economical, with the "contributions from nature", but also to preserve it, for all our future descendants.


Therefore, every order a new tree is planted in our world!

In the future I plan to record  videos and maybe write instructions for it.


Because all my works are created with the greatest care.

And none of my manufacturing methods should be a secret.


I don't even manage to reproduce my works of art myself, so I can still call them unique, with a clear conscience, when handing out instructions for them.

Bernhard Horny beim Bogenbau in der Erfinderwerkstatt, fotografiert von Roberto Ciubotaru

If you want to learn about processing methods (Wood, stone and metal), please contact me. :)

Bernhard Horny hält Boulderopal im Lichtschein, in der Erfinderwerkstatt, fotografiert von Roberto Ciubotaru

Everyone who wears my art on their finger or around their neck knows that there is no other, and from my point of view this is what makes jewelry an object worth wearing.


Some people want a big logo printed on their shoes, so that everyone can see, what a great brand they are wearing. (probably made under inhumane conditions)


I don't understand these people, even if I have a logo, I won't print it on my products.


The few customers that this marketing strategy would bring me, are not worth spoiling the purity of my products!


In every piece that you buy in the Inventor's Workshop (Erfinderwerkstatt), there is a lot of manual labur by a happily working person who has put a lot of love into it and worked under good conditions, even if the wood dust often clogs my nose. ^^

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