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Your jewelry wish is my command. Here in the inventor's workshop, I make individual pieces of jewelry according to your wishes. Perfect for everyone who wants to give away more than just jewelry and who want high-quality, unique and handmade one-offs.

Please send me your wishes and designs! I will take a look at them as soon as possible and check whether they are feasible. Then I think about different ways of implementing these and discuss them with you. If you are already enthusiastic about the concept, you will fall in love with the end result: an enchanting, individual and hand-made custom-made product.

Custom jewelry

Unique & handmade custom-made products on request

_DSF1774 copy.jpg

Vielen Dank!

Legal notice: Only orders that allow for "creative elaboration" will be accepted. For example "a tourmaline pendant" or "a silver ring with size 54" are orders that I can accept. For orders such as "a band ring made of 925 sterling silver, size 54, a material thickness of one millimeter and a width of 6 millimeters", please contact a goldsmith who works commercially. As an artist, my creative process only stops when the piece of jewelery is completed. Unlike an artisan who first makes a sketch that completes the creative process and then uses manual skills to finish the work, I don't know until the very end what the finished work will look like. When creating my works, I don't let myself be guided by a sketch, but by music, emotions and the atmosphere of the room. I have the greatest respect for the state guilds and hope to become a member in due course (probably 2024) in order to make your future shopping experience more pleasant with drawings and exact measurements in advance. Until then I ask for your understanding.

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