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Pendant Labradorite Amboina Burl

Pendant Labradorite Amboina Burl

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I made this pendant in an almost classic way for me. A round piece of wood with a hole in the middle that holds a gemstone. Since I've already made a few pendants in this form, I now know the ideal manufacturing methods. The wood is turned from Amboina burl, then sanded on soft Abranet sandpaper and polished with carnauba wax. The stone, a labradorite, was brought into a cylindrical shape with the help of a faceting machine and then the surface, slightly concave in the cabochon style, and the corners rounded.

This stone is inconspicuously dark, almost black, until it flashes green, yellow and red from a real incident light beam.

Please note that this is a handmade, unique item made from natural materials, so it may contain bumps, inclusions or similar imperfections of nature.

You will receive exactly the piece that can be seen in the pictures.

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