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Pendant peridot

Pendant peridot

SKU: 23A08091

The peridot pendant is made from a single, high quality faceted peridot gemstone. This gemstone is a vibrant light green hue reminiscent of fresh spring leaves. The facets of the stone are exquisitely cut and polished to capture and reflect natural light in all directions. As a result, the peridot sparkles with every movement and creates a breathtaking play of colors and light.

The setting of the peridot is made from 925 sterling silver, a high quality material known for its durability and luster. The silver is carefully crafted and polished to ensure a smooth and shiny surface. The setting is designed to hold the peridot securely while accentuating its beauty without detracting from the elegance of the stone.The faceted peridot pendant in 925 sterling silver is a timeless piece of jewelry that is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions occasions is suitable. Exuding elegance, freshness and beauty, it makes a wonderful gift for yourself or for a loved one who appreciates nature and the beauty of gemstones.


approx. 13x22x8mm 

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