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Diamond "Keum-Boo" ring

Diamond "Keum-Boo" ring

SKU: 23R08091

The Sterling Silver & Diamond clamp ring is an exquisite piece of jewelery that combines precision craftsmanship and elegant design. This ring is made from high quality sterling silver, a noble material known for its durability and lustrous finish. The structure of the ring gives it an attractive, modern look while also adding depth and dimension. The textured surface gives the ring a sophisticated and contemporary flair.

Another notable element of this ring is the use of the Keum Boo technique. This ancient Korean gold plating technique involves adding 23k gold to the surface of the silver ring. This golden detail gives the ring a touch of luxury and elegance. The 23kt gold stands out against the silver and creates a beautiful contrast that makes the piece of jewelry an eye-catcher.

In addition, the ring is decorated with a diamond, which completes the overall picture with its radiant sparkle and its timeless beauty. The diamond catches the light and sparkles with every movement, adding a touch of glamor and sophistication to the ring.

This Sterling Silver & Diamond clamp ring is a unique and appealing piece of jewelery that is perfect for special occasions or as a sophisticated addition to everyday life.

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