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Twisted Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

Twisted Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring


A sterling silver ring with a faceted amethyst is a fascinating piece of jewelery that enchants the senses and embodies elegance in its purest form. The ring is made of high quality sterling silver, which not only gives it a shiny surface, but also durability and Durability guaranteed. 

A faceted amethyst sits enthroned in the center of this magical piece of jewellery. This violet gemstone bead catches the light in its facets, creating an enchanting sparkle and glitter. Depending on the incidence of light, the color intensity of the amethyst varies from a gentle lavender to a deep, mysterious violet. The stone exudes an aura of mysticism and sophistication that draws everyone's attention.

This ring is perfect for special occasions, whether as a symbolic gift for Valentine's Day, as an engagement ring or as a glamorous accessory for a festive evening.

The ring band has been carefully designed to ensure a comfortable fit. It fits comfortably on the finger and can be worn all day long without causing any discomfort.

Overall, a sterling silver ring with a faceted amethyst is a timeless piece of jewelry that combines the elegance of amethyst and the beauty of sterling silver. It embodies luxury, style and the deep, mysterious allure of gemstones. Such a ring is a statement and an expression of one's own personality, which draws attention to itself and enchants hearts.


The ring in the photo is size 58.

If necessary, the ring size can be changed (approx. 2 weeks waiting time)

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