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Opal Bayur ring

Opal Bayur ring

SKU: 20R06121

This ring made of Bayur, set in stainless steel, size 56, is crowned by an opal. The inclusions of this opal make the stone look a bit like a globe. It is cut in the manner of faceting. I invented the shape especially for my rings. The cut is based on the "Ring of Fire" cut, but I changed the angle a bit and sanded the underside of the stone to match the hole in the wood. If you need a different ring size, please let me know by email or contact form . However, even if I have other opals, I don't have one that looks the same. But maybe I have a nicer one. ;)

Please note that this is a handmade, unique item made from natural materials, so it may contain bumps, inclusions or similar imperfections in nature.

You will receive exactly the piece that can be seen in the pictures.

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