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Künstler bei der Arbeit
Die Erfinderwerkstatt Bernhard Horny Schweißt eine Geniale Konstruktion
Bernhard Horny von der Erfinderwerkstatt beim  Bogenbau
Bernhard Horny von der ERfinderwerkstatt beim Carbochon schleifen eines Boulderopals
Bernhard Horny von der Erfinderwerkstatt beim fräsen von einem Hängboard


In addition to unique art and beautiful jewelry, the Erfinderwerkstatt stands for one thing above all - sustainability! Our products consist almost exclusively of natural materials and are of extraordenary quality. Your special wishes and ideas are in the foreground and are the guideline for the artistic and at the same time professional implementation!

Produkt Rasta Anhänger Ketten Edelstein Edelholz Erfinderwerkstatt


Realize your dreams with our individual pieces of jewelery made to measure. In the Erfinderwerkstatt, each creation is individual and unique in its nature and appearance.


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Whether ring, chain or everyday object - every piece is unique

A work of art is primarily characterized by its uniqueness. It is no different with our products. Regardless of whether it is art to exhibit, decorated everyday objects or jewelry to wear, such as rings or chains - every product is a unique piece with a personal touch. The parameters of art and sustainability represent a central point in our corporate philosophy. Convince yourself and take a look at our gallery!

Do something good with every order
Environmental protection has never looked so good: In our workshop we focus on sustainability, we almost exclusively use natural materials. Save the environment with your next order - we'll plant a tree for every purchase in our online shop.
Bernhard Horny Betrachtet einen Edelstein durch eine Lupe

My name is Bernhard Horny and I love to invent, create and solve problems ...

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